About New Brunswick Cattle Producers (NBCP)

NB-Cattle-Districts3N.B. Cattle Producers was formed in 1982 to represent all New Brunswick beef producers.

The NBCP represents NB’s beef producers across the country through membership in the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA). The CCA’s vision is to have a dynamic, profitable Canadian beef industry with high-quality beef products recognized as the most outstanding by customers at home and around the world.

NBCP is funded by the collection of a mandatory $3.00 levy per head of cattle sold each year.

The business of the NBCP is handled by a nine-member Board of Directors and one part time staff. The board consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chair, and seven additional directors (including one appointed by Dairy Farmers of N.B.). Members of the Board are elected for a term of 2 years.

Our Mission.

The mission of the New Brunswick Cattle Association is by means of communications, advocacy, liaison, research and education, to represent beef cattle producers to government, other sectors of the beef cattle industry, consumers and the public with respect to all matters concerning the production and marketing of the regulated product; and to encourage the development of efficient and competitive practices within the industry. The New Brunswick Cattle Producers makes reference to beef, however; this includes cattle from the dairy sector that are sold to become meat products, some examples are dairy bob calves, dairy cull cows and dairy bulls.

In addition to its own initiatives the NBCP works co-operatively through representation on the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association board and committees and Canada Beef. Regionally, NBCP participates in the Nappan Beef Research Committee, the Maritime Beef Council, The NB Alliance and others.